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Epiretinal Membrane Surgery

An epiretinal membrane is a scar which develops at the back of the eye on the retinal lining causing distortion in the vision.  Normal aging of the eye or previous retinal trauma or retinal tear could have cause the scarring. Surgery may be effective in removing the membrane and enhancing the distortion in vision.  The eye will require a thorough initial investigations and fluorescein angiography to establish the possible cause and the condition of the underlying retina underneath the scar.


If there is a possibility that surgery may improve vision, then vitrectomy microsurgery with removal of the epiretinal membrane is suggested. Cataract surgery can be combined with the epiretinal membrane surgery if the cataract is present.


The vision will slowly recover over one to two months’ time. At first, the vision will be blurred because of the dilating drops. Surgery has an estimated 70 to 80% chance of improving the distortion in vision; however some residual distortion may remain.  It is uncommon though, that the epiretinal membrane may recur and require further surgery.


If this surgery is needed the doctors at Rockhampton Eye Clinic will explain to you more in depth about having the surgery.

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